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posted 3 years ago

Showing a variable inside {{ }} cause to blank page in Larav

Hi there, I am using prism code highlighter in Laravel 5.4 in bellow example; ` Download ` In the ab...

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unable to move onto next bootstrap carousel item

Please help, I have implemented the Bootstrap Carousel into my project but it doesn't seem to be sli...

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Trying to build web app for daily costs for members in work

I am trying to build web app with laravel that help me to save daily costs and the total for every m...

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How do you include custom JS in app.js?

Hey there! Title is the basics of the question. From Laravel 5.8, I have a /resources/js/plugins fol...

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Display google favicon and entity in img source in Laravel

looking for solve my issue. i do a edit on a laravel site, but i cant call back the site url (entity...

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Laravel page loading issue

i have almost 12 menu in my dashboard . but one page loading time is 1.9 minute. i also checked all...

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[solved] @yield does not display information

Good afternoon, I am starting to study laravel and have a doubt. I don't understand why @yield doesn...

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Display the value without using the foreach

Hi there, I noticed in my codes that I can only display the value using foreach. public function com...

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CRUD update with button from blade

Is it possible to update DB withoud edit form, just to generate random entires or set your own in co...

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barryvdh/laravel-dompdf page-break-after goes php timeout

Hi, I will save html as PDF , so I use barryvdh/laravel-dompdf package. when I style a <div> w...

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Introducing my Bootstrap 4 form builder for Laravel 5.8+

Dear fellow developers, I created an open source package which automates and simplifies Bootstrap fo...

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posted 3 years ago

Custom class methods in the blade files

Hello to everyone. I've a situation where I found need to create some function that will make my cod...

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Render tournament bracket for next round

Hi there, I would like to ask ideas on approaches on how to render tournament bracket for next round...

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Form with multiple select with ser assigned values

In my application there are Job Offers and Skills. The Offer and Skill models have a many to many re...

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posted 4 years ago

Translations in Laravel app

Setting up translations is extremely easy in Laravel. I have a JSON file that has all strings that n...

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i cannot load my translation file to my view, and even if i do i get a no class error.Please help

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From Database (Text) to XML

Hi guys, In my bdd I have a column (text) called "xml_documento" which store a XML in text...

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How to make real-time dashboard

I am trying to make a dashboard to listen iot device status in Laravel. Front-end uses Vue.js to tri...

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Make a Full Screen Template

Hello, i need a full screen page like press F11. I need display a Slideshow with HighCharts Graphs....

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Laravel Filtered Excel View blade Exports Everything to Exce

I am using PHP Version 7 - Laravel 5.8 and "maatwebsite/excel": "^3.1". When I f...

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