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Setting Database connection for Many To Many Eloquent relationship

Hi, I'm working on application that requires managing several databases from one administration inte...

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Interface/Repository to multiple models

I'm writing a system around an existing database structure using Laravel 4.1. The current system is...

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posted 9 years ago

OrderBy with my custom attributes

Hi, I've tried to figure out if this is possible, but can't figure out how if it's even possible. Le...

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Loosing relationship when doing ->select(...)

Hi, I have two tables that look something like this: # Author # ID Name Slug 1 Denni...

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whereHas() within a where() sub-query.

Howdy! When I try to use a whereHas within a grouped where class, I get an error. Any ideas? $activi...

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Trying to query a relation of a relation

##Problem I have an eloquent model "Invoice" that hasMany "InvoiceTicket" that b...

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Different types of users

Hello everyone, I'm an absolute beginner to Laravel, and this is my first thread, so I hope I'm not...

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Auth, query scopes and whereHas() do not work together

i have set up users and roles table with a pivot table and i need to check, if logged user has admin...

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[macro] Form::select() with optgroups based on model's field

Suppose you have a simple products table: id | name | category ....................... 1 | prod1 |...

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Create new relationship between two models

Hi, I have two models : Sale.php <?php class Sale extends Eloquent { public function groups() {...

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whereHas for polymorphic relations

Hello, I'm trying to load an Eloquent model with a polymorphic relationship. I want to get Photos th...

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How to limit records from related tables?

Hi everyone! I'm new to laravel and I need some help with this problem. I have 2 tables posts and po...

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posted 9 years ago

Eager Load with Limit / Take()

Hi guys i'm trying to Load all Collection with Items inside Collection with Eager Load but i only wa...

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"Prefix" all queries with a where clause

I'm buidling a SaaS and have added a client_id column to each of my tables. Now in my repositories,...

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Eloquent: join on confition

Hi, I need to join one table into a query only if another condition is true. I try, using the exanpl...

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Fix for "Undefined property: {ModelName}:$attributes" error

The old forums either had no solution for this, OR said the issue was solved by switching to file ca...

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How to clean up this code? Dynamically setting property names, eager loading, handling arrays

WARNING: NASTY PROCEDURAL CODE AHEAD. Let's say I have an ajaxified to-do list app. I have this rout...

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[Tutorial] Model Validation using Observers

Hi guys, I have recently posted a new tutorial on something that seems to have been missed by the La...

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Ho boy - I have a very large query with > 10 joins - is there a way I can do it with Eloquent?

I've been searching and hacking away for the past few hours now. I have a bunch of models. They're...

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Is it possible to call directly from a class.

Hi all, I'm still chipping away at learning Laravel. Coming along slowly though. :-/ In my db class...

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