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detect if the uploaded file is an image

any idea on simple function to know if the file uploaded is an image? I know you can do geMimeType b...

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Using Command options throwing error

Hi, I'm using Laravel commands, everything is well with the arguments, when I work with it all is go...

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Fortrabbit issue with angular post

Hi, I have just uploaded my Laravel backend and Angularjs front to Fortrabbit and I am having issues...

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Assigning Variable to URL

Route::get('/p/{id}/{name?}', array( 'as' => 'viewItem', 'uses' => '[email protected]

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Jquery auto-complete - bridge table - best practice.

This is a noob question but I hope you can help. I have a table of reference data (places, events, p...

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Getting 'undefined method error for orderBy()' on new repository

With the help of some nice folks over on Reddit I was able to get most of my controller functionalit...

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Guardar Usuario

public function store() { $input = Input::all(); $validation = Validator::make($input, Usuario::$rul...

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Laravel + Angular Js : File Data problem

Hello I develop a website with Laravel and AngularJs for my studies, But i've a problem with "f...

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Advanced ajax pagination - what to do when there is option to show 5/10/25/50 itesm per page and there are delete operations as well

Hi all. Found this: Works great. Questions: How should I...

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Ideas on how to handle form with files

Hi all. I am thinking on how to deal with form handling which contains files and which can be submit...

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How to clean up this code? Dynamically setting property names, eager loading, handling arrays

WARNING: NASTY PROCEDURAL CODE AHEAD. Let's say I have an ajaxified to-do list app. I have this rout...

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What Is Laravel Binput? Laravel Binput is an input protector for Laravel 4.1. Laravel Binput was cr...

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What Is Laravel Security? Laravel Security is a port of the security class from Codeigniter 2.1 for...

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Question about Query Strings

Hello all, first off love the new forums. Looks absolutely awesome and love the Github idea. (Who do...

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Resource-controller storing data in both the database and posting it to an external api

Hi Guys, so im very new to laravel (approx 2wks) and in all fairness i havent been programming for y...

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Getting preg_replace() error when creating a new post using Stapler

I have built a simple application laravel 4. I have scaffolding setup for adding posts which seems t...

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