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I got this error when I add to database. But when I try to another PC theres no error yet. See error below

QueryException in Connection.php line 729: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1449 The user specified a...

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Laravel pagination how appends long string

Hello everybody. I just started learning laravel. There was a problem, I make a selection from the d...

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How to send Request form Normal PHP page to laravel when form submit

I have two PHP applications, one is normal php application and another laravel application, I have l...

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jquery select2 multiselect initialize selected elements

Good morning everybody, I'm stuck while trying to set initial selected options (got through an ajax...

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save unaltered image to server with intervention (how to?)

Hi there, I finally managed to crop resize and compress an image file the user is submitting through...

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Insert Query Not Working in Laravel 5.4

I have write following Query to Insert or Update Purchase Invoice Items. if i Enable dd() insert is...

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How to auth with Laravel 5.4

I keep getting all sorts of funny errors just by trying to see an application can actually work in L...

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jQuery code not working

My jQuery code is not working. Every seat is a checkbox. I am trying to disable those seats that are...

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Problem with AngularJS Ajax http call

Anyone who knows AngularJS AJAX HTTP calls, please look over my code. I am stuck in a problem. I tri...

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Problem with AngularJS ajax script in laravel

I am having problems running angularJS ajax http post script in laravel. If i put files in htdocs, t...

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Laravel 5 How to solve the error when validate a unique username using Boostrap FormValidation Remote

I got an error when i want to validate an unique username using Boostrap FormValidation remote. Belo...

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strip email addresses, domains or domain names from user input

I am looking at a way to strip those things from user input comments or posts in my project. I am us...

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php artisan list display strange characters

Hi, I recently installed new updates of Win 10 and after it began strange characters in output of my...

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How to store empty DateTime input to Null value instead of 0000:00:00 00:00 value

Hi, i had two input Datetime field. User can choose to fill in either these two field. For the empty...

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posted 5 years ago

Create dymaic Form Field Builder

Hello i want to know hows we can implement in backend of laravel

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ng-repeat with blade foreach

I'm stuck with my foreach here. I have a page where a user can create a candidate and add work exper...

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Form request validation for "string" lets an empty array pass without error

Is this considered a bug in Laravel? Make a validator and require the field to be a string. It corre...

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posted 6 years ago

Form Validation Custom Messages (different fields with same name)

Hey, I'm trying to create custom messages for errors found in form input validation. The issue I'm h...

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laravel link problem

hi all i am using form get method in my controller <form action="{{url('employers/blacklist-...

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Using $rss = new DOMDocument(); in function of a Controller

Hi, i would like to include a small RSS reader into a function of a controller: class RSSController...

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