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Should i leave F*cking php ? Its ruining my life!!

Hi all , let me tell you my story. I was once upon a time a smart student, I used to stay 2nd ranker...

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posted 4 years ago

Finding remote PHP/Laravel developer job

Hi all, I built - an aggregator listing the 100% remote jobs for Larav...

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Help on an old dev in Laravel 3 to be transposed in Laravel

Hello, For the engine/server part of a free virtual reality/opensource environment that can run on W...

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Test a command is queued

I have a command, which uses the queue method on the Artisan facade. Using the Bus/Queue fakers in a...

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What PHP IDE are you using for Laravel??

I tried many PHP IDE for my work And now, I always use Laravel Framework. I used PHPStorm Many Mem...

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posted 4 years ago

PHP Developer, Netherlands (jnr/mdr/snr)

Tilaa, the European Business Cloud Provider, is hiring new PHP Developers in Woerden, The Netherland...

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posted 4 years ago

Mid-Snr Laravel developer - London UK - Digital Marmalade

Hi Folks Only just found the community here, so sorry for this being my first post, I'll be back to...

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Lead Laravel Developer in Paris

Hi there, We're a small team of Laravel coders in Paris, we're developing an innovative HR platform...

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Will I lag behind in my career or earn low as I work on PHP?

I have been in Software Development since 5.3 years. I worked a lot on PHP, its frameworks(laravel,...

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100% Remote Position Laravel Position for US Citizen

Hey all! I am an employee with Bisnow, LLC and we are looking for a new Laravel developer to join ou...

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posted 4 years ago

Looking for a potential Developer Partner

I am looking for a long term Partner to help with the development of my web software project. This w...

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Multiple Laravel App using the same table job

I am working with 3 HTTP servers using the same Laravel app and sharing the same DATABASE, where the...

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Is it okay to run a database query every minute?

I need to dispatch a bunch of jobs at a specific "release" date/time. I thought about just...

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laravel- worker queue- RabbitMQ

The setup is as follows: API Endpoint (Server A) receives an incoming call, and adds this to a speci...

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How can l install laracharts package without composer

The remote server that the project is hosted on does not allow ssh access so l used ftp to upload th...

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posted 5 years ago

Create 3 dailly random jobs

Hello. I am trying to create 3 dailly random jobs on Laravel. What I really did: app\Console\Kernel....

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Laravel Horizon: problem using multiple queues (Laravel 5.5)

Hi, I just started using Horizon, and it seems awesome. I do have something weird going on: all my j...

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Laravel Questions for Interview

Hello Friends, I have written few interview questions on Laravel Frameworks for Freshers. Request yo...

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Laravel Vs Codeigniter. A difficult choice.

Hey fellows. I am in a situation I am sure I could use your comments. I have been working with Codei...

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Questions about Queues in Laravel 5.1

Some questions guys! working with queues now with 5.1 (a bit old, but was the last LTS!!) The faile...

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