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Best practices on creating scheduled tasks / jobs

Hi guys. Again, it might be just me, and maybe I’m expecting too much from the framework, but does a...

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How is Laravel different than CakePHP and CodeIgniter?

Hi, I am Pratik Joshi. You can see me here on Stackoverflow with 5711 reputation points (stackoverfl...

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Jobs getting picked up and processed by apache mod-php

I have a series of large, long running import jobs that are implemented as laravel jobs. In developm...

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Run php artisan:queue as symfony process

I try to run php artisan queue:work as a symfony process so i made a class and in this class i have...

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Am I failed in life by choosing PHP development as a career ?

##Am I failed in life by choosing PHP development as a career ?## See, I have work experience in PHP...

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FatalThrowableError __clone method called on non-object

Laravel Version: 5.4.26 PHP Version: 7.1.5 Description: In my project I have a service class (Serv...

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How to implement Laravel's jobs duplication management?

How to implement Laravel's jobs duplication management? I feel like this feature should be implement...

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Queue not working with error local.ERROR: ErrorException: unserialize(): Error at offset 28 of 113 bytes in /var/www/html

We are using laravel 5.3 for our in-house application. When queue executed from Ubuntu supervisor o...

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posted 5 years ago

Looking for laravel developers in The Netherlands

Hi coders! Are there any Laravel developers from The Netherlands out there? We at Stiply are looking...

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Laravel Echo SocketIO problem with private channel

Hi! everyone I working with Laravel Echo and SocketIO witout Vue, but I have a problem with private...

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Supervisor not firing the handle function, while it does works through the terminal.

Hello! I've lately been having an issue with supervisor that I haven't had before. My job's handle f...

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Laravel 5.4 mailable does not work with queue sqs

in my controller: $order = Order::with('address','slot','products')->first(); Mail::to('[email protected]

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posted 5 years ago

Errors with sending email using laravel

this my : mail.php <?php return [ /* |-------------------------------------------------------...

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Job Offer: Looking for help with Ajax form submission

Hello, I am looking for someone that can sit with me on skype and TeamViewer, and help me develop an...

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Modify Queued Jobs Laravel

I am using redis queue on laravel and i have been struggling with it. Is it possible to retrieve a q...

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Multiple crons / administrative tasks

Hi, I currently utilize tasks scheduling, it works via web server user's (www-data) crontab. Now I n...

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Reschedule Jobs

Hello, I might have a simple problem but it really bothers me. I have a model that has an 1:1 relati...

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posted 6 years ago

Direct print to printer without popup box.

How to create print function for direct print to printer without popup box? Using Laravel 5.3. Pleas...

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Non-default queues and workers

Today we were trying to setup a queues, using 5 workers. We found that, when a job is dispatched to...

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Laravel on Google AppEngine: Any way to NOT write services.json?

Google AppEngine is my server platform of choice for all new apps. It's affordable (free during deve...

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