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Looking for a Freelance Laravel Developer from the Netherlands

Hi, For a client we've building a Laravel 3.x application for his business. We decided to focus our...

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posted 8 years ago

Thread malformed HTML

Don't know if it's been already reported, but it seems a few threads are not shown correctly due to...

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Filter own threads

Considering you got this "Open" and "Solved" filters at the top, would be nice i...

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Recommendations for good beginner-level, end-to-end tutorials?

Hi, everyone. I recently joined Jeffrey Way's Laracasts site, and completed his "Digging In&quo...

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posted 8 years ago

Section on testing

Testing is a pretty huge topic, it might be nice to have it's own dedicated section in the forum for...

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Missing download link for podcasts on mobile

New podcasts page is missing "Download this MP3" link in mobile browser (Firefox on Androi...

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Laravel Pastebin Implementation

Hey everyone, I am looking to add pastebin functionality to my web app, I was wondering if anyone ha...

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Laravel Paid Plugins and suggestion

I heard that Taylor is working on paid Laravel modules? Does anyone know when they come out and they...

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Manning's 'Laravel in Action' Early Access is 50% off today

Head over to this link: Use this code when checking out: dotd021014cc...

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posted 8 years ago WordPress Plugin

If anyone is interested, I have created a plugin that will allow you to embed Paste Bin pages into W...

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posted 8 years ago

Facebook Api catch the exception

Hi, with this code try { $fb = new Facebook($this->_config['facebook']['config']);...

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Laravel Asset managment

Hi , I want to use any Asset managment for my laravel 4.0 app . previously i have used codeselve ass...

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I'd like to see "staring" posts functionality

Hey, I have seen a few posts on the forum that are bookmark worthy - however it would be nice to hav...

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New Laravel.IO Paste Bin Functionality

This stuff is so sick.. It's still in development, but Mitchell is knocking it out of the park.. Che...

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Default blade style in folder

I was checking how Laravel io page is organized and saw thath main layout file (default.blade.php) i...

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Welcome to the Forums Public Beta!

Welcome to the forums public beta The fact that we've gotten this far is a testement to t...

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Changed github username, can you change my account on here?

Sorry to be an inconvenience but I changed my github username from Nylad to thestepafter. Is it poss...

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Suggestion: link to last unread post

It'd be great if you could implement a link to last unread post automatically when you click on a to...

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posted 8 years ago

Proposal for create a Laravel Google Newsstand account

I really like to use Google News stand and it's easy to a website owner, to submit a new edition on...

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There's a new site design coming, and more.

Our community's "Nickstr" is creating a new design for this site. I think that you'll be v...

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