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[Laravel Mix] Use Dependencies From Another App's Vendor.js?

Is there a way to use dependencies that have been extracted to a vendor.js from a different app? Ima...

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Set up a new project with Laravel 9, Vite and Typescript

Hi, I have a hard time setting up a new project with every feature I want. I have some basic experie...

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Laravel Mix and Content Security Policy

I need to add Content Security Policy headers to an existing Laravel installation and am using Spati...

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Is there any tools to reduce unused css and js?

My website's css is in one single file, and js code is in another single file The css and js file wa...

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Survey & earn Laravel project

Is this possible to make a website where survey build from the admin and survey do from the user and...

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process.env.MIX_ONBOARDING_URL variable is undefined

Laravel Mix Version: 6.0.31 (npm list --depth=0) Node Version (node -v): 14.15.5 NPM Version (npm -...

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problem with vuetify in laravel 8

I have the same problem like >> may...

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posted 2 years ago

Mix CLI issue

Hello, Having upgraded to Laravel Mix 6, I am trying to convert my npm run commands to the npx mix o...

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How do i host laravel and inertiajs app in cPanel?

I made a website using laravel 7 and inertia js. Now I want to host this on Cpanel but I'm facing a...

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Dashboard Template Integration

Hi There, I want a little help from you guys. The method i use to integrate an admin panel Dashboard...

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How do you include custom JS in app.js?

Hey there! Title is the basics of the question. From Laravel 5.8, I have a /resources/js/plugins fol...

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eror placing external javascript, ... is not function

cannot load javascript . i want to use select2 and use external javascript. but, that javascript can...

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posted 4 years ago

Bootstrap won't load — $(...).modal is not a function

Hey! This only relates to Mix (or Webpack perhaps). So I hope this is a good place to post this. If...

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posted 3 years ago

Not sure how to setup mix to handle this, or if it will work

So I have one "core" VUE file for the site that webpack\mix is compiling. It's a CMS so t...

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How I can pass environment variables to scss/ sass file usin

How I can pass environment variables to scss/ sass file using laravel mix and webpack?: Hi, Please r...

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posted 4 years ago

split vue component file into independant file

hello, because I have some big vue component that only require to be available on some spécific file...

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Download txt.file Laravel 5.4

I am working on laravel mini project, I have couple small issues, but this one is pretty tricky, I c...

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posted 5 years ago

Laravel-mix -> public/img and public/images

Is there a reason we would want /img and /images to both be folders in public? The helper docs rela...

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Pay Minimal Amount For Technical Support| Dial Bigpond Email

If you going to solve complex issues of Bigpond account, then our tech team will never disappoint yo...

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posted 5 years ago

How to include webpack plugins when using Laravel Mix?

How should I include webpack plugins if I use WebPack AND Laravel Mix? I am confused which file I ad...

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