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posted 1 month ago

Changing default .env settings produced by `laravel new`

Hi. I work with posgresql much more than mysql. When running laravel new <project_name> it wil...

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posted 6 months ago

Vue warn]: Failed to mount app: mount target selector "#app"

I am trying to use a piece of vue code to create a multiple file uploader in my laravel blade. And i...

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VueJS 2 to VueJS 3 and Vite on Laravel 9

Looks like VueJS 3 uses a different syntax than VueJS 2. Let's see some code: #Here is the blade fil...

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posted 1 month ago

Learning Laravel lara

I am learning Laravel. I am just starting. Please help me in my journey and provide me with good res...

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Laravel 5+ with vue js-Front end vue js and back end laravel

{ "private": true, "scripts": { "dev": "npm run development"...

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posted 1 month ago

What happended to `new Vue({` in Vue 3?

In Vue 2 you could add some Vue instructions at the @section('scripts') of a blade file using new Vu...

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laravel stripe simple checkout page

I create an eCommerce store with laravel 9. I install stripe API, but I have some difficulty display...

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Laravel Sanctum Angular Authentication 419 error code

I'm trying to setup an authentication system using Laravel Sanctum and Fortify for the back-end and...

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posted 8 months ago

npm run dev problem

Hello everyone, I created a new laravel project using VSCode named Jupiter. I execute the following...

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Laravel stateless api application with PKCE

Hello everyone, you probably already know that authentication with Password Grant Tokens has been de...

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Run tests in parallel with Postgres and Elastic

Hi, I have a web application for which I am trying to setup parallel testing. The project has 2 data...

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posted 2 months ago

Sending Bulk Mailables In Batches

There has got to be an easier way to do this. I need to send a Mailable to all my users. The officia...

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Laravel Mix and Content Security Policy

I need to add Content Security Policy headers to an existing Laravel installation and am using Spati...

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How can I turn a numeric array into an array of objects?

I am working on a blogging application in Laravel 8. The application supports themes. In a nutshell,...

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large form submission

Hi! I am working on a report which has several fields (report image: )....

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I created package for exporting unlimited records into CSV

I created this package for exporting unlimited records into CSV

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Compile Blade Components Saved in a database

Let us assume a posts table: id title content extra_content published_at I have saved some blade co...

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Errors when creating a new Laravel project

I've Installed Xampp, Composer and Laravel but still, I'm having these error messages when creating...

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use php package into laravel

I am using signoz php package, which is working fine on core PHP. But it does not support official l...

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posted 2 months ago

passing param into object

Can anyone help me here please? so at the moment, this works for language 'en', but what about 'fr a...

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